Be Happy 

Have you ever tried to be Happy and I mean truly Happy? If so, you’ll know that it can be difficult because sometimes you might only see the negative things in life. 
So what do you do?  Many people have found success by writing down the good things that have happened that day/week or what has made them feel Happy that day/week, But this can be hard if you only see the negative things.

These are some of the things I did : 

  1. Write down your negative thoughts and place them in a jar and lock them away – This is taking them thoughts out of your head and makes room for positive thoughts. 
  2. Find at least one positive thing that has happend everyday – This could be someone smiling at you or you have really enjoyed seeing your friend today. Anything can be a positive try and look for at least one thing that has made your smile. 
  3. Once you have found that one little positive, See if you can find that one thing that made you smile yesterday and use it to make you smile again today. 
  4. Positive thoughts attract positive things in life – if you think today is going to be a bad day then I can guarantee that it will, but if you think today Is going to be a good then then I promise it will be great. 
  5. Love yourself – love everything about you, there is only one you and your amazing. 
  6. Be more social – Spending time with people who make you laugh, smile and love to dance. 
  7. Make changes in your life – new job, new house, new something do something new. 

Over all you have to want to be Happy, you can’t be truly Happy if you don’t want to be.

I know by now your are reading this and thinking what am I evan talking about, but if you find one positive thing about today then you will find two positives tomorrow and three the next day and so on. 

This method is not going to work for everyone and I know it’s quite far fetched but it’s worked for me.. I felt so down and very unhappy in 2016, I looked at all the negatives in my life when I should have been looking at the positives. 

Once I sat down and looked at the positives I realised that I had more good things going on then bad, it could have been meeting up with my friends for a cuppa or going to the hairdressers. I found something positive in everything I did, yes don’t get me wrong it’s hard and negative thoughts to take over but write it down and put it in the jar lock them away…. think to yourself I am going to be Happy today I deserve to be Happy Today!! 
Start small take it day by day but just smile, I always say what is the worst that can happen today ?? NOTHING is going to Happen other then I’m going to smile today.

Anyway thanks for Reading 

Peace out peeps.  


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