Good Support 

What does good support look like ? 
Good support can and will look different to everyone and the root to good support is to always make it person centred. 

What is Person centred ?

Person centred is a different way of doing things and thinking – Putting the individual and their families at the centre of all support. Working in partnership with others to get the best outcomes for the individual and family. 


  • Respecting the individuals values and putting the person at the centre of support
  • Taking in to account the individuals preferences, needs, wants and wishes 
  • Coordinating the support 
  • Making sure the support provided is regularly reviewed 
  • Inclusion of family and friends 
  • Working together with other support services 
  • Good communication and listening skills 
  • Advocate, educate and facilitate 
  • Freedom of choice  

Benefits of using person centred approaches  

  • Greater control over their own life 
  • To be listened to and respected 
  • Having their rights recognised and supported 
  • Improvement in confidence
  • Having support to try something new 
  • Having support when needed 

    Good questions to ask when supporting someone 

    • What does good support look like for you ? 
    • What interests do you have ? 
    • What is the one thing you like about yourself ?
    • What is the one thing people like about you ?
    • What upsets you ? 
    • What makes you happy? 
    • What goals do you have? 
    • Who is important to you ? 
    • What do you struggle with ? 

    Go into great detail with the individual you are supporting, get to know them on a personal leval. Try and speak with family and friends and ask them the same questions about the person. 
    By asking the questions about the person is shows you are interested in them, don’t just ask what support do you want from us or how can I help you today. It’s our job as support workers to ask and dig deeper to why this person is seeking support. 

    Always make time for the people you are supporting, if they pop in to see you and your busy don’t just say sorry I cant see you today, have a quick 2 min conversation ask them if their OK ?, how has their day been ? explain that you mabye cant see them today but do they want to book in for an appointment. Make the individual feel important, valued and listened to, that person might know or might not know your busy but they have come in for a reason and by pushing them away, ignoring or shutting them down will only make there situation worse or make them loose trust in you. 

    Always offer some other forms of support, if you really are to busy to speak with someone always offer something. Ask are you OK do you need to speak to someone. 

    To be a good support worker you need to just be yourself and listen, relate to the individual share your stories and experiences with them. Treat them more like a friend rather then a person your getting paid to see. 

    Thanks for Reading, 

    Peace out peeps 

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      1. Hey Autistsix, unforgenatly I do not live in Perth, I live in Hull England. I am just here trying to spread awareness and my knowledge of good support and whatever else people want to know. Thank you for the support hope you get to enjoy the rest of the stuff I write in the future.

        Peace out


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