New York 2017

New York for me is one of the most amazing and beautiful cities I have ever visited.

The streets are filled with 100s of people who always seem to be in a rush, the roads are filled with the famous yellow cabs, building have brights lights advertising Broadway shows everything from cats to chicago.

It really is something special, in this blog I will share with you everything I know from my trip to New York.

Getting around is easy

To get from Newark international airport to the centre of Manhatten;

  • Shuttle bus will cost you around $10 – $12 dollers and take you stright to the nearest bus station, this should take you around 1 hour or so depending on traffic
  • Taxi or paid car will take you direct to your chosen destination – This will cost you between $80 to $200 depending on what methed or type of care you choose. Always make sure you ask about toll road prices and if they are included in the price.
  • Train – The New Jersey transit line takes you direct from Newark international train station to Pen station, for a single trip it cost $14 to $17.

When we first arrived in Newark international airport, we collected our bags and traveled on the Airtrain to the train station, once at the station you can buy tickets to your chosen destination.

We found the whole experience very plasent and stress free, it took around 2 hours from leaving the plane to getting to our hotel on 8th avenue.

8th Avenue outside the ROW NYC

Upon arrival at the ROW NYC we was greeted by friendly doormen who directed us to the check-in desk, I found the lady who was dealing with our booking to be very rude and abrupt. She was very unhelpful and evan tried to take $300 dollers from my card without asking prior to doing so.

We soon had our room keys and finally left the wicked witch of the West at her station on reception

Our room was on the 7th floor at the front of the hotel, it was clean, tidy and had ample space for two people.

We had a veiw overlooking 8th Avenue and I would say this was the best part about the room. On the first night after a few hours exploring the city we returned back to the hotel from some alcoholic drinks, we got a big shock once it came to paying for these drinks it was $17 for a small glass of wine. Let’s just say we never drank in the hotel bar again evan though it was a very nice bar.

One thing to remember when booking this hotel is they charge on top of the $152 taxes and facilities fees an extra $250 damage deposit, you get the $250 back upon checkout.

Myself & Friend on top of the Empire state building.

The veiw from the Empire state building was spectacular, we paid $36 to get to the top but it was worth every cent once you could see the whole of New York. We waited at the top until it was dark and the city just looked magical.


50% off tickets for Chicago

Chicago cost us $71.50 each and we got our tickets from the Theatre Development Fund ticket booth in times square. The booth is only open on certain times of the day and tickets are limited, we waiting in line for around 45 minutes.
The wait was worth it the show was amazing and loved singing along to all the songs and all that JAZZ.

Outside the Ambassador theatre waiting to see the show

The Ambassador theatre is a Broadway theatre located at 219 West 49th Street between Broadway and 8th avenue. This small but we’ll looked after theatre has played shows It Ain’t Nothin’ But the Blues; You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown, The Ride Down Mt. Morgan,Topdog/Underdo current: Chicago

After watching a show you do build quite the appetite the food in New York is amazing, we must of tried everything from burgers, Pizza to Philly cheese steak.

My favorite place to go was popeyes the chicken is the best, 100% better then KFC. The mac and cheese at juniors dinner is so delish I recommend stopping by for a bowel or two. It’s just off times square next to the Marriot hotel

The food in New York must be the thing I miss the most, it was my first time in the big Apple and was a trip I will never forget.

I have collected all my tickets and leaflets from the trip and started to make a memory wall, I just need to add some pictures to it.

Thank you for Reading this, I will be shareing more of my future travels soon.

Check my YouTube video of my trip click here 

Peace out peeps





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